Monarch Links

:: The Monarch Program
Monarch research based in Southern California

:: Xerces Society California Monarch Butterfly Conservation Campaign
The goals of the program are to assess the current condition of overwintering sites in California, develop management guidelines for California’s overwintering groves, and review the laws regulating the management of these sites.

:: Monarch Lab
Developed by scientists and educators at the University of Minnesota to provide a background for understanding the ecology, behavior, and evolution of monarch butterflies.

:: Monarch Watch
a comprehensive site dedicated to education, conservation, and research on Monarchs.

:: Journey North
A site devoted to tracking the migrations of many wildlife species including the spring migration of the monarch butterfly

:: Monarch Monitoring Project
A history of past monarch fall migrations at Cape May, New Jersey.

:: The Ventana Wildlife Society
A nonprofit organization whose mission is to perpetuate plant and animal species native to the central coast of California through wildlife and habitat restoration, research and education.  For more information see Monitoring Migrating Monarchs in Monterey. County

:: North American Monarch Conservation Plan
A Continental Approach to Conservation. Canada, Mexico, and the United States have joined to produce the North American Monarch Conservation Plan (PDF, 3.1 MB), a long-term cooperative agenda to conserve the monarch butterfly and its unique migratory phenomenon. Because the monarch and its migration depend on conservation of habitats in all three countries, this species has become a symbol of our shared environment.

:: Monarch Joint Venture
MonarchNet News, a citizen science newsletter produced by Monarch Joint Venture, will be published every other month and posted on the organization's website in the Resources section.