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Primary funding from the Monarch Joint Venture:

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We are happy to be collaborating with the Xerces Organization for Invertebrate Conservation, Monarch Health (University of Georgia), and the Monarch Larva Monitoring Project (University of Minnesota). These collaborations are being funded by the Monarch Joint Venture, and the result is the Western Monarch Initiative.

Phase I of the initiative is a Citizen Scientist opportunity to collaborate with Sonia Altizer who does research on monarch health and particularly the parasites that infect monarchs.

Phase II of the initiative is a Citizen Scientist opportunity to collaborate with Karen Oberhauser. Her research focus is on monarch population size specifically in response to events in monarch breeding habitats.

These two opportunities will be covered in our upcoming workshop and additional information on Phase I and II can be found here.

Phase III is a roll out of publications. We have recently shifted some of our energy away from data collection and towards the analysis of data. The first product is a white paper on monarch "preference" for eucalyptus. It is available (here). We will be posting additional publications as they go to press.

Previous Sponsor:

This project is partially funded by generous donations from Pacific Grove resident, Helen Johnsonhelenj

Helen supports the data collection (counting and tagging in the field) coordinated by Cal Poly Graduate Students and affiliatedbiologists.  She also supports outreach and educational work at the Pacific Grove Monarch Sanctuary, the Pacific Grove Natural History Museum, and other important monarch sites in Monterey County.


Other conservation related sponsorships by donor Helen Johnson:

  • Monarch Population Dynamics Conference, Lawrence, Kansas
  • Western Monarch Symposium, Fremont, California

“The Monarch Butterfly in Western North America” – a Cal Poly video production

The Western Monarch Symposium (2006), Pacific Grove, CA

Bats Conservation International

Scholarships for the bat workshop conducted by The Western Section of the Wildlife Society

California Central Coast Bat Conservation Project coordinated by D. Johnston, HT Harvey and Associates

Saint Anne's Mission, Klagetoh, Arizona, supporting the Navajo people


Additional Sponsors:

- College of Science and Math (Cal Poly State University)
The College provides administrative and technical support and much of the funding for the Scientific Advisor.


Recognizing Helen Johnson: Citizen Scientist

by: Jim Davis, Executive Director of Ventana Wildlife Society

Helen Johnson is an extraordinary person of great commitment and energy. She has been called a citizen scientist.

As a citizen she feels that this is a world that needs help and she is there to see that important things get done to help it. One visit to her home and you know that this is a person who lives a humble life and has commited herself to the improving the natural world. Birds, butterflies and native plants to support them abound in ther yard and home.

As a scientist Helen has funded an effort with VWS to study the monarch butterfly. She engages as many people as she can to get as much done as possible, and has provided staff with training and equipment for the project. In addition to supporting, Helen provides follow-up on what is done and how it is done. She is always one or two steps ahead of the rest of the world. We need more people like Helen Johnson; our world is a better place because of her. Thanks Helen, it is nice to know someone like you. –Jim

Helen and Prof
Helen Johnson and Francis Villablanca at Monarch Madness (2009) hosted by the Pacific Grove Natural History Museum.