Citizen Science

Interested in tagging?


     The California Department of Fish and Wildlife requires those wishing to tag Monarch butterflies to become permitted.

     In order to receive tags, you must:

  1. Complete our online training by reading our educational pages to learn about Danaus plexippus, and then watching our instructional videos.*
  2. Once you feel knowledgeable about Monarchs, take our assessment.
  3. Prior to requesting tags, please refer to our "Roles and Responsibilities" page to decide which kind of tagging category you or your group should fall under. 
  4. Okay, now you are ready to request tags! Thank you for helping us comply with California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife regulations. 
  5. You are REQUIRED to submit your data. Want to fill out your Citizen Science data on a hard copy? Print one of these out! Want to fill out your Citizen Science Data online so that you don't have to mail it in? Fill this form out! This is another CDFW requirement. 

*If you have multiple seasons of tagging experience, you may qualify as a Monarch Alert Partner and can skip the instructional information and proceed directly to Step 2.

Thank you for joining us. Happy Tagging!

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